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Craig Kelly and Tony Abbott Abbotts speech has provoked a strong pushback from senior colleagues in Canberra, with the finance minister, Mathias Cormann a leading government conservative and Abbotts former numbers man labelling the intervention self-indulgent and deliberately destructive. The prime minister said on Friday Abbotts intervention was sad and he contrasted his record of action with that of his predecessor, who spun his wheels unproductively in the Senate. I do not just talk about cutting taxes. I have cut them, Turnbull said. My government hasnt put up personal income tax, its reduced it. Done, tick, gone through the parliament. On Thursday evening, Abbott used a book launch in North Sydney to unveil a new battle plan for the next election declaring the Coalition needed to cut immigration, slash the renewable energy target, abolish the Human Rights Commission, and gut the capacity of the Senate to be a roadblock to the governments agenda. Ignoring the obvious contrast between his record as prime minister and the elements of his new manifesto that contradict his own record, Abbott warned the government wouldnt win the next election unless it woos the conservative base. He also warned that failing to adopt robust conservative policies could justify voters opting for One Nation over the government. While the speech contained a number of clear pot shots against Turnbull and the government, Abbott denied his intentions were destructive.