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"Because the structure was all smashed up into tiny bits, as you can see those bits on the ground, kids were new doctor home loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 playing in here for months and months using it as a cubby house," resident Linda Turner said. Christine Morton lives with her extended family across the road from the building, and says she is very worried that asbestos effects may show up in her grandchildren years later. "We'd like for government to come and talk to us, and what all the dangers are for us and especially for those kids that were playing in those buildings," she said. Christine Grant, who also lives nearby, says she wants her children to be tested for asbestos effects, "to give them a check up, to see how they feel, whether they're alright or not". Testing revealed other asbestos buildings The same demountable buildings sit unused on six other Tennant Creek sites, and the asbestos in them was revealed in November when residents commissioned their own laboratory tests. The NT Government's Worksafe authority only confirmed the asbestos was present this month, after more tests were carried out by the Asbestos Disease Support Society. "I personally was disappointed in Worksafe and I thought their response was tardy," said Tennant Creek businessman Richard Dodd. Julalikari has released a statement saying when the units were imported, "the importer assured the corporation that they didn't contain asbestos". The corporation says now that its own tests have confirmed asbestos, and that it is working with NT Worksafe to put in a series of risk control measures to protect the public and workers, including fencing off all the units. Worksafe NT has said it "is satisfied that any risk is being adequately managed".